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RubyMotion for Objective-C Developers

Learn to make iOS and OS X apps using RubyMotion with little or no Ruby experience.

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RubyMotion for Objective-C Developers

Are you an Objective-C developer looking to pick up RubyMotion for your next project?

RubyMotion is a great alternative to writing iOS (and OS X) apps with Objective C. Many RubyMotion users seem to come from Ruby backgrounds and are new to iOS development. 

On the other hand, some are Objective C developers with little or no Ruby experience who want to pick up RubyMotion. 

This course is for the latter group and gives examples for iOS. 

The same principles and tools apply for OS X development.

Requirements: What do you need to use this course?

  • Some experience building iOS and/or OS X apps with Objective-C
  • RubyMotion (The free version is fine if you're not sure you want to pay for it yet).

About The Author

Hwee-Boon Yar is a software developer with years of experience building and shipping apps for iOS and OS X.

He has worked both as an independent contractor as well as in companies including Fast Search and Transfer, and Microsoft.

Based in Singapore, Hwee-Boon and his wife Daphane Khoo run MotionObj, a company which has published a number of apps and runs a very popular newsletter.

You can follow Hwee-Boon on Twitter - @hboon.

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